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North Myrtle Beach High School inducts nine into its Athletic Hall of Fame

It was a night of celebration and memories as nine members were added to the North Myrtle Beach High School’s Athletic Hall of Fame. The fourth Hall of Fame class since 2015 was introduced during the break between the North Myrtle Beach-Myrtle Beach basketball games on Friday night. Saturday evening at 6:30 they were brought to the stage, given their Hall of Fame plaques and listened while Milton Gore introduced each new member and read their list of accomplishments.

Selection to the Hall was based on each person’s devotion to the school’s athletic teams or program over the years, and it was apparent from their biography and their thank you comments why each had been selected.
The first inductee was Charles Causey from the class of 1964 at Wampee-Little River High School. Charles was a three- sport athlete at the school, playing football, basketball and baseball. He lettered in each sport over his time at the school. In his remarks Causey reminisced about his time in school and the game of golf. He also took time to speak to the young people of today. “I would like to tell all the young athletes, when you are playing athletics, it’s not you that makes you the athlete you can become. It’s through your coaches and their leadership. For they have been there and done everything you are trying to do. With their help you can be standing where I am tonight later on in your life,” Causey said.

Angie Livingston-Randall was the next inductee honored. Angie graduated from Chestnut Consolidated High School in 1965. Angie was a varsity basketball player from the seventh grade through graduation and was chosen as captain and co-captain of the team, as well as most valuable player. Angie thanked the Hall of fame Committee and stated it was an honor to be selected. She also spoke about basketball and life. “As a young girl we used to talk about basketball. My mother was a basketball player. As I got older I enjoyed basketball and kept at it. We got a team together and we did pretty well and won a few games.”

“But you have to have basketball at heart. Today I still do have it at heart. At the old Chestnut we played many games and practiced a lot. When we finished practice we would have to hit the road and walk home. I have to thank my team for being able to stand here tonight. In life you can’t sit down and not look forward to the future. Stay busy and keep trying to touch these young athletes. Donate and do something to encourage them.”
“I have enjoyed my journey. I have said ‘Lord, will I ever gain some flowers before I leave Your side?’ I want You to know this is one of those flowers,” Livingston-Randall said.

Third to the stage was the Rev. Gilbert F. Vaught. Gilbert was a member of the class of 1973 at North Myrtle Beach High School. During his years at the school, he led his team with 16 rebounds per game and was the team’s leading scorer and was named defensive player of the year.

Vaught also took the time to thank the many people who attended the induction. “I want to thank God for everyone who came out to support us tonight. I was part of the bridge between Chestnut and North Myrtle Beach High School. In 1969 I went out for basketball, didn’t make it but came back in 1970 pushing and running. To get better you have to follow your internal GPS. I am here because of the grace, mercy and favor of God. After that first year I worked hard, played basketball from sun-up to sun-down.” “I had to hone my skills. You can’t be a good athlete unless you work hard, work while others are sleeping. People and teammates pushed me to be better. The reason that I am here today is the help support and urging of my teammates and coaches. If you go through difficult times, you don’t give up. You press forward believing you can make it. Young athletes have to have accountability, courage and endurance, always pressing forward believing you can make it,” Vaught said.

Cary Stoffel followed Vaught to the stage. Cary graduated in 1974 after moving to the area in 1971. Cary played on the high school’s golf team under then coach Dave Dickson and was the team captain. He also played football his senior year as a punter and wide receiver. Cary won the SC High School State Golf Championship in 1974 as the individual low gross player.

Stoffel talked about his career in golf and journey to North Myrtle Beach. “My dad started me out young in golf. I got a lot of exposure to the game because of my dad. I remember visiting Augusta national at the Masters, seeing Jack Nicklaus and knowing that golf was what I wanted to pursue. Our family moved to North Myrtle Beach in my 10th grade. I remember being at a new school but also remember how nice everyone was here. I made some of my best friends while living here.”

“I would like to thank Dave Dickson for being a great golf and football coach, as well as a mentor and friend. I want to thank the nominating committee for this honor and for thinking of me. It has truly been an honor to play for North Myrtle Beach. It was exciting to live in such a great place. Thanks also to my wife, the love of my life, and to all of you for coming,” Stoffel said.

The next inductee was Evelyn Gause from the North Myrtle Beach class of 1978. Evelyn played JV basketball in 7th and 8th grades and varsity basketball until graduation. She was known for her basketball skills and her leadership and school spirit.

“Thank you all, especially the committee. I never thought that I would be here. Thanks to the many teachers I had at North Myrtle Beach High School while I was here. Coach Rivers and his wife Teresa taught me more than basketball and physical education. Other teachers like Mr. Moore, Lonnie Chestnut and Mr. Floyd – these were people who influenced me then and into the future that I did not know I had. I also thank the most important people in my life, my family. These are the people who supported me, who were always there for me. Thank you all for coming and for your support,” Gause said.

Margo Chestnut from the high school’s class of 1983 was saluted for her basketball skills, which she sharpened for many years, starting with play on the JV team, where she was named MVP. She followed that with MVP honors while playing three years on the varsity squad. Margo was named best defensive player in 1980 and 1981 and was named to the All-Area team in 1982 and 1983. She was also named to the South All Star Team in 1983.
“I want to begin giving honor to God, who is first in my life. My hat also goes off to my late parents, Gaston and Ruth Chestnut, for giving me the strength, support and endurance in order to be successful. To all past, present and future Hall of Fame members, especially to my uncle Alvin Watson who was chosen in the first class, I, Margo Chestnut am so very proud of this award. To my daughter, my family and friends, thank you for attending this awesome occasion. ‘Once a Chief, always a Chief!’,” Chestnut said.

Sean Hardwick from the class of 1989 was inducted next. Sean participated in sports at the high school from 1986 to the spring of 1989. He lettered twice in football, four years in baseball and one year in cross country. He finished 20th in the state meet in the 5K run in his senior year. He also was a JV quarterback and tight end and defensive end his sophomore and junior years. He was best known for his baseball prowess with multiple state records for wins, strikeouts and earned run average.

Sean was very appreciative of his induction. “I really thank everyone on the committee for thinking about me. I have a lot of memories of my mom and dad and thank them for letting me throw the baseball against our house. I had a spot worn out about knee high there. They supported me, and my brother was my catcher in those days. I got to play a lot of sports, but baseball was my love.”

“My baseball coach John Walker had a huge impact on me and my faith in God. I also must thank coach Joe Quigley and coach Don Wiggins, who did a great job and taught me how to work hard. Also thanks to football coach Harold Dunlap and coach David Smalls in basketball. Most of my life has not been here. But this place leaves a mark on you. I was a pitching coach for one year at Coastal, but during that time I walked into the local Ryan’s, met my wife to be and eleven kids later am here. I am honored to be here, thankful in so many ways for the people in my life who have made a difference,” Hardwick said.

Wade Lewis from the class of 1990 was the next inductee honored. Wade joined the JV football team, became their kicker and punter, and later that year joined the school’s first soccer team that made the playoffs that year. Wade started on the varsity football team as a sophomore, playing running back, defensive back and all the kicking. He was selected to the Sun News Toast of the Coast football team and started on the soccer team that went to the Lower State finals. Wade also kicked a school record 55 yard field goal in his junior year.

In his senior year Lewis was chosen Player of the Week four times, Specialty Teams Player of the Year, was named to the Sun News Toast of the Coast football team, played in the North-South All Star Football Game and the North-South All Star Soccer game.

“I want to thank the Hall of fame for this. I am very happy to be included in such a fine group. I want to thank my mom and dad and I am honored to have my children here tonight to see this. I have been blessed in many ways. It isn’t hard to remember those high school glory days. I was a soccer player and Coach Smalls saw me kick a football and invited me to be on the team.’

Football is a team sport where you execute, carry out assignments and practice a lot. I remember football camp at St. Andrew’s College. In that camp you practiced three times a day, unless you didn’t do well one day. Then you practiced four times. We needed the practice in those days.’
“I remember being voted the MVP in the North-South game in a 3-0 final score. As I went out to kick that field goal I was talking to God. He was telling me it was going to be okay. It was the last football kick I ever attempted in a game. I really want to thank you all for the opportunity to relive all these great memories and thank you for being here tonight,” Lewis said.

Clark Callahan was the last inductee honored as a Booster Club Member. Since moving to the North Myrtle Beach area in 1978, Clark always was an active part of the community and sporting activities at all levels. He coached several years of Dixie Youth baseball. Over the last 40 years his involvement with city and school athletics has included sponsorships of school activities as well as his personal generosity. Clark rebuilt the NMB High School baseball facility after it was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. He also has helped a North Myrtle Beach High School student athlete through college and has been an integral member of the school’s Booster Club. Athletic director Joe Quigley spoke about the giving nature of Callahan, especially after the death of his first wife, when Callahan had a golf tournament to assist him and even provided a van to help his young family get around. “I was a personal recipient of Clark’s generosity. What he did for me personally was wonderful. He is still donating and giving to this school and our community,” Quigley said.
Clark and Eric Callahan received the plaque in place of their father. “We are accepting this on behalf of my dad who could not attend because of health issues,” Callahan said. Then he read his father’s statement. “Thank you so much for this induction into the North Myrtle Beach High School Athletic Hall of Fame. It has been a privilege to be a part of North Myrtle Beach High School athletics and this community. I am very proud to say that my three children graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School and I am honored to be inducted into its Hall of Fame.”

Clark and Eric Callahan received the plaque in place of their father. “We are accepting this on behalf of my dad who could not attend because of health issues,” Callahan said. Then he read his father’s statement. “Thank you so much for this induction into the North Myrtle Beach High School Athletic Hall of Fame. It has been a privilege to be a part of North Myrtle Beach High School athletics and this community. I am very proud to say that my three children graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School and I am honored to be inducted into its Hall of Fame.”

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