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From left to right are Coach Chris Mazyk, volunteer assistant coach Bob Florio, assistant coach Jim Strillacci and the North Myrtle Beach High School wrestling team as they proudly hold up their trophy for a 4-0 first place finish in the Low Country Duals last week at Waccamaw High School.

North Myrtle Beach wrestling team wins Low Country Duals

The North Myrtle Beach High School wrestling team won the Low Country Duals last week 4-0 at Waccamaw High School as they beat four teams on their way to the title.

The Chiefs began the competition with a 64-12 victory over Marion. The Chiefs first two wrestlers, Jackson Smith (106) and Jacob Moss (113), both won by forfeit. There was no match in the 120- pound class. The next four matches were pins by North Myrtle Beach. Ben Young (126) over Kenneth Hughes in 2:52, Naszeir Bellamy(132) over Markese Foxworth in 1:36, Jaylan Moses(138) over Desmond Leggette-Hickson in 3:40 and Javante Stephens(145) over KyShon Hemingway in 0:51. Marion’s Bakari Swinney(152) won by forfeit. North Myrtle Beach’s Blake Jenkins(160), Rashad Dawud(170) and Chase Simmons(182) all won by forfeit. Chief Seth Clewis(195) had a major decision over Shaquan Smalls by a 13-2 score. Brandon Bass(220) of Marion pinned NMB’s Mark Bellamy in 1:27 and Malachi Black(285) of NMB pinned Marion’s Kendrick Jones in 0:19.

In the second round of competition North Myrtle Beach beat Academic Magnet 56-24. Jackson Smith(106) of NMB pinned Jacob Miner in 0:54. Jacob Moss(113) of NMB and Sean Healy(120) of Academic Magnet (AC) each won by forfeit. Chief Ben Young126) was pinned by Alexander Hernandez in 1:16. Naszeir Bellamy(132) of NMB pinned Joshua Moore in 1:35. Jaylan Moses(138) decisioned Ameer Khan 7-2. Liam Ward(145) pinned NMB’s Jamier Hurst in 2:58. Javante Stephens(152) pinned AM’s  Brendan Kelliher in 1:37. Andre Giddens(160) pinned Jonathan Lemon AM in 1:29. Chiefs Rashad Dawud(170) pinned T. Sizemore AM in 1:29. Chase Simmons(182) pinned AM’s Jonathan Roberts in 0:12. Seth Clewis(195) of NMB was pinned by Devonte Alston. NMB’s Mark Bellamy(220) won  by forfeit. Andrew Forsythe pinned Malachi Black(285) of NMB in 0:22.

North Myrtle Beach beat Waccamaw 42-33. Jackson Smith(106) of NMB won by forfeit. Waccamaw’s Ryan Gallagher(113) pinned Jacob Moss in 2:16. Dalton Brown(126) pinned NMB’s Ben Young in 0:38. Naszeir Bellamy(132) was decisioned by Thomas Cook 6-3. Jaylan Moses(138) pinned Waccamaw’s Stacy Wilson in 2:18. Skyler Ketzel(145) pinned NMB’s Jamie Hurst in 1:24. Jayden Carnihan(152) pinned Chiefs Javante Stephens in 3:31. NMB’s Andre Giddens(160) of NMB won by forfeit. Rashad Dawud(170) pinned Trad Shields in 1:37. Chiefs Chase Simmons(182) won by forfeit. NMB’s Seth Clewis(195) pinned Jason Flint in 1:44. Jerrod Smith (220) pinned NMB’s Mark Bellamy in 0:24.Malachi Black(285) of NMB pinned Matt Joyce in 1:12.

In their final match North Myrtle Beach beat Aynor by a 48-36 score to win the Duals. Jackson Smith(106)NMB won by forfeit. Aynor’s Carson Andrew pinned Jacob Moss in 1:00. Braxton Davis(120) of Aynor won by forfeit. Jordan Owens of Aynor pinned Ben Young(126) in 0:52. NMB’s Naszeir Bellamy(132) pinned Haven Johnson in 4:34. Teagan Britt-Tripp(138) pinned NMB’s Noah Johnson in 0:33. Ryder Soles(145) pinned Jaylan Moses of NMB in 1:31. Tanner Carroll(152) won by injury default over NMB’s Javante Stephens. NMB’s Andre Giddens(160) pinned Matthew Williams in 1:54. Blake Jenkins(170) of NMB pinned Kyleigh Dean in 1:28). NMB’s Chase Simmons(182) pinned Ty Williams in 0:21. Noah Jones(195) of Aynor pinned Seth Clewis in 1:25. NMB’s Mark Bellamy pinned Cline in 1:08 and Malachi Black(285) pinned Juan Maldonado in 0:32.

The Chiefs wrestlers were scheduled to meet Socastee on Wednesday and then wrestle in the Hannah Hawk Invitationals on Saturday.

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