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Powder Puff game raises funds for the Loris High softball team

The Loris High School annual Powder Puff game was held on Thursday, Nov. 14, beginning at 6:30 p.m. with a $5 admission. The game was a fundraiser for the girl’s softball team who is coached by David Smith.

In this game roles are reversed with all LHS grade levels participating. For a $20 entry fee young girls play football while young men create the cheering squad.

The seniors and sophomores played football against the juniors and freshmen. Seven freshmen and sophomores provided cheers for the crowd and team.

Coaches for the seniors and sophomores were Gage Conner, Josh Causey, Wayne Herring, Evan Monroe, Bam Isaiah and Jacob Black who worked with the 11 team members helping them to understand the rules of the game.

Other coaches for the teams were Garson Grainger, Joseph Flesch, Argelio Palido and Shamarr Jackson.

Ridge Kidder was the announcer for the game and ended the night stating that both teams played well. The winners were announced that the junior and freshmen classes team won with a score of 12–6.

Ashton Norman and Madison Hardwick, the cheering coaches, assisted seven young men to learn the movements and cheers. Norman said,

“They learned the cheers fairly quickly, they worked hard and were willing to try anything I tried to teach them.” She further stated that she enjoyed being a coach of freshmen and sophomores filled with school spirit.

Alexandra Norman said, “I enjoyed playing on the senior and sophomore football team, the coaches had positive attitudes.” She continued, “I enjoyed playing in what is my last Powder Puff game, even though we lost I had a wonderful experience with the greatest coaches.” She stated that it was cold, rainy and they had a good crowd cheering them from the stands. She said, “It is nice to see the community show up to support the girls softball program. The game was fun to watch and see the reversal of the roles. The laughter coming from the field brought joy to those watching the game.

Hot chocolate and chicken bog were available for purchase during the game. It was another successful night for the softball team.

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