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Photo by Annie Rigby Rome Prince says he will file for election to vie for his father’s Horry County Council seat. Terry Fowler has also announced his plan to run for the council seat for District 9.

Prince is following in father’s footsteps

Rome Prince, son of current Horry County Councilman W. Paul Prince, is following in his father’s footsteps as he will file to run for the seat for District 9 on the Horry County Council. Although he is seeking election to this seat, he will combine his father’s wisdom with his own fresh and unique perspective to best serve the people of Loris and surrounding areas.

Prince said, “I have watched for most of my life the progress that has been made in our county;” he continued, “I will bring a fresh and unique perspective with my own set of leadership skills and experience to District 9.”  He stated Horry County  is growing at three times the national average and believes moving forward it is important to continuously address infrastructure, roads, public safety and storm water systems.  He said, “To provide District 9 with the planning and implementation requires hard work, something that I am willing to do”

Rome is a native of Horry County District 9 and son of the current Horry County Councilor W. Paul Prince. “I have watched for most of my life the progress that has been made in our county;” said Prince, “I intend to carry on the tradition of honest and effective government set forth by my father as we continue to face several ongoing issues that come with the growth and progress ushered in by my father.”  He stated the district needs wise yet prudent leadership in moving forward. He has the leadership skills needed to represent the residents and cities in District 9.

Rome grew up in a family that worked hard and often volunteered through his church and the community. At age 12, he began working in their family owned businesses. He worked as a campaign organizer for his father’s re-election bid in 1984. Rome said, “I remember riding around district 9 with my dad who would point out locations of future fire stations.” He states as an adult he continues to ride with his father through the district to see the changes that have been made throughout the years.

Prince earned his bachelor of arts degree in history at Wingate University and earned his masters in business administration from Southern Wesleyan University. He also has his teaching certificate. He is married to Jennifer Lynn Wood Prince and has three young children. He and his family are active members of Loris First Presbyterian Church. He is a volunteer coach for the Upward Sports Program.

He is a real estate agent with Serge Real Estate in Loris. He is the membership chairman and serves on several committees with the Loris Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  Prince actively promotes and sponsors the Fellowship of Christian Athletes locally and has been active with the organization for over 25 years. He has served his neighbors as a servant-leader in church for over 25 years, in roles such as teacher, mission organizer, youth pastor, deacon and committee chairperson and has served in Civitans, Rotary Club, Lions Club and Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity.

Prince said, “When elected I will work hard to improve the quality of life for all from our youth through our senior citizens.” He continued, “I will work to secure a safe and prosperous future for generations to come.” He stated he will continue the work of his father who helped start paving miles and miles of roads and improving current road conditions. His goal is to continue to expand and improve local police, fire and emergency medical services and to improve the parks and recreation departments throughout District 9. Prince said, “I will diligently work on the storm water situation to minimize future flood and property damage to continue to address disaster preparedness and planning.”

Prince stated that being on the Horry County Council means working for the people in the district which requires research and history of areas that need funding for drainage and storm water run-off, hearing the needs in the community for sports parks and parks for residents to enjoy.  He said this is not just a sit-back and see what happens position; it is one that requires him to listen to the needs of the people, meet with city leaders to discuss their improvements and what assistance they may need to improve road conditions and other vital needs.  He understands the work it will take to meet the requirements to represent the people and is willing to give his all to the position.

Prince has had dual residency for the last two and one-half years with his return to Loris from Georgetown. The transition took time to return to his home roots. He stated he wanted to find just the right house before moving his family to Loris. He said, “We don’t take anything for granted. God gives us work to do and we need to follow His direction.”

Terry Fowler has also announced his plan to run for Horry County Council District 9. So far he and Prince have elected to make their announcement to run prior to the filing date set for the middle of March.

Councilman Paul Prince has had a change of heart and will not run for re-election for the Horry County Council.  He said, “I’m not retiring, I will stay busy because once people retire they tend to stop doing things.” He continued, “I have enough to keep me busy.

The primary election date is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

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