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Daisy Elementary School teachers, staff, parent volunteers and the turkey joined students in the Run for Fun Annual Turkey Trot at the Loris Nature Park on Thursday, Nov. 14. It was a fun event for everyone.

Program allows students to have fun

Daisy Elementary School held their Run for Fun annual Turkey Trot on Thursday, Nov. 14, at the Loris Nature Park. Teachers, staff members and parent volunteers were present to help encourage the students and to hand out feathers for each lap they completed. Last year the run was held inside the school due to inclement weather, however, this year the weather cooperated and the students were transported by bus to the park.

Each year the students vote to raise money for the Run for Fun program. This year’s competition was between Sandra Graham and Debra Rogers as to who would get to wear the turkey suit in this year’s run. The one with the lowest votes wears the suit. The students raised over $150 and Graham was announced as the staff member who would wear the turkey suit. She graciously accepted the job and wore the gobbling suit proudly during the Turkey Trot through the park. Brandy Phillips said, “We appreciate the sportsmanship that Sandra presented while running through the park in the turkey suit.” She also stated that by the students raising the amount of money for the program is remarkable.

Grades one through five participated in the afternoon Run for Fun program created by gym teacher Betsy Faulk. The program allows the students to have fun while staying active. Stella Brunson, a fourth grader at Daisy, said, “I enjoy the Run for Fun program, especially the Turkey Trot every year.” She said she enjoys getting outside and running with her friends while having a great time just running. The group generally runs the paths at the school after class lets out and there is no traffic.

Daisy Elementary has held family programs through PTO events, their Veterans Day program, Donuts with Dads and reading programs to keep learning fun.

In December they will present their Christmas musical that is filled with fun. Watch for the Daisy Tales providing monthly events at the school.

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