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Cathy Threatt and Trevor Strawderman help prepare gifts for the students.

Program grows to support children

The Annual Christmas Angels Project is underway at North Myrtle Beach High School. This program is in the 15th year. It involves students at North Myrtle Beach High School in the lives of elementary schools at the three local schools. Students form a group to adopt children whose families may otherwise struggle to provide Christmas gifts for them. This year 180 children have been adopted by students at the high school.

This program is the brainchild of AP English teacher, Cathy Threatt. The first year just six children were adopted. After a few years the program had grown so large that Threatt needed a bigger space. Ocean Drive Elementary School is now the home of the Christmas Angels Party to be held on Dec. 14.

The cost to sponsor a child is around $100, however, some years there is more money needed. Threatt explains, “Last year, the 14th year of Christmas Angels, was the first year we went into the red. With the two hurricanes last year, all funds were spent.  We need donations to help build up the fund for emergencies that happen every year.” Threatt makes sure each child is taken care of that needs presents and students enjoy getting to play Santa’s helper and spread the Christmas cheer.

The program continues to grow and serves all future Chiefs. Anyone interested in helping to support the Christmas Angels program may contact Cathy Threatt at cthreatt@horrycounty schools.net.

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