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Residents find fun ways to learn and entertain

By Annie Rigby

Families around Loris are finding unique ways to teach their children with every day chores and activities. When baking cookies or brownies children are using their math and reading skills learning through experience. Seonead Milburn said, “My 11 year old daughter is baking like crazy;” she continued, “she loves to bake with minimal help from me with the oven use.”  She said they are playing Uno and card games.  She said, “In general we always have a family meal, that hasn’t changed at all.” They not only reap the benefits of learning, they have a yummy treat to share. Another parent of an 11 year old is cooking and baking and having lots of family time together.

Julie and David Lewis have been keeping their children busy making props, memorizing songs, dressing in costumes as in the Frozen 2 movie imitating characters. They go to homes of friends who are in quarantine and stand outside their SUV with a decorative backdrop, “We are trying to bring a smile to others and it gets us out of the house, we stay six feet back from everyone as we present our play.”  With music, reading, memorizing and acting this family is adding substance to the lives of people who are unable to leave their homes. Lewis said, “We are having fun and glad people are allowing us to entertain them.” She continued, “It warms my heart to see everyone pulling together and unifying, something that is refreshing.  We hope to be a small part of bringing joy to everyone.”

Annabelle, age 6, sings as Elsa from the movie. They enjoy spending time learning the music and lines from the movie and acting them out for shut-in’s.

Dylan, age 9, is Sven from the movie Frozen 2.

Isaac, age 3, is Olaf as he plays the drums

Eric Koppel is practicing social distancing by riding his motorcycle. This is his pride and joy and an escape from all the realities of the pandemic.

Danette Carter and Joyce Graham have stated they are catching up on neglected projects they did not have time to work on this year.  Carter is staying busy. She said, “I have redecorated my dining room covering six chairs and taking an old chest that was my mother’s and making it into a coffee bar. She stripped the paint and painted it antique white.” She and her family moved on to painting the interior of their home, each room is getting a good coat of paint. Her next project is to take down the shutters and repaint them to match the new metal roof that was fixed during the 2018 hurricane season.  Graham and her husband, Orvin, have been recuperating from surgeries. She said, “We are tending our neglected garden and yard while we are secluded from the outside world.”  The Grahams are planning ahead to have a hearty garden of vegetables this year.

Carter had written a heartwarming message. “We are blessed to have a warm home with beds and covers to keep us warm and safe. I love my home; it is my refuge from all the storms life brings my way. To have a warm comfortable bed to sleep in at night to bring me a nice awakening in the morning. There are many who do not have a home or a roof over their heads, or a warm place to protect them from the storms of life. Prayers for those who are without this protective armor from the outside world. Peace and through the troubling times we are facing.”

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