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Loris High School varsity coach Tim Graham meets for lunch with seven players at Shorty’s Grill on Monday, March 16. They discussed how they can utilize this time to practice at the batting cages and continue to stay in condition. The next game scheduled is the Loris Lions verses the Conway Tigers on Wednesday, April 1, at home.

Restaurants are heeding to the governor’s mandate

By Annie Rigby

The executive order to close schools has disrupted the baseball, softball, tennis, soccer and track practices and games for Loris High School. The Loris Recreation Sports Complex is also following the order; they have postponed practice for softball and baseball.

LHS baseball coach Tim Graham has asked the varsity baseball team to go to the batting cages, keep in shape and continue to work on their skills. Monday, March 16,  Jermaine Johnson, a senior, said, “This is my senior year and it is going by so quickly.” He stated he goes to the batting cages alone to hit and keep practicing. He said, “I keep in shape so when the game on the 1st (April) I will be prepared.”

Governor Henry McMaster announced on Tuesday, March 17, in a news conference that it is mandated that all restaurants in the state of South Carolina close their dining rooms to patrons. Prior to this announcement Santino’s Pizza and Shorty’s Grill closed the in-house dining relying upon call-in orders to pick up at the window/parking lots.

Nick Conner at Shorty’s said, “In an effort to help slow down the COVID-19 virus we are serving to-go orders only.” He stated to call ahead at 843-756-1390 and pick up at the window or they will deliver to the curb and place the food in the car for their customers.

Joey Vaught, owner of Back Street Café, stated he will continue to serve customers through pick-up and curb service. He said, “I am hoping the social distancing will help the coronavirus bypass our city;” he continued, “call in food orders for pick up, it will be hot and ready.” To order call 843-756-6421 or email questions to backstreetcafe.jv@yahoo.com.

Santino’s Pizza owner Santi Jimongkonkul is taking call in orders only and they will bring the food order to the car. Call ahead to 843-756-7676. Check their Facebook page for the menu items. Santina Kite said, “In all the chaos we are trying to stay calm.” She continued, “We are deep cleaning and sanitizing our restaurant with the downtime that we have. Most importantly we are trying to be safe while feeding the community.”

China King has boarded up their windows and placed a sign on their door saying, “Dear valued customer, we will temporarily close;” and continued with, “we will post on Facebook when we are opening again.”

Hardees, Bojangle’s and Wendy’s have closed their dining area to customers; however, they are allowing patrons to enter the restaurant to place an order to go. They also are using their drive through windows.  McDonald’s has closed the dining area and is drive-through only.

Ernie’s Hometown Diner and Sunshine Pancake House will take call-in orders and deliver curbside.  Call 843-756-7866 to place an order. Ernie Ross, owner, said they open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. He has posted to Facebook that although inside dining is closed, the diner will offer a free breakfast to school children. He requests that students bring their school identification card from all Loris schools. Ross said, “I opened another restaurant in Little River and was to be inspected for a grand opening, however the virus has delayed the big event.”  Ross has opened his restaurant for the community during the holiday season helping to cook the Thanksgiving dinner each year for the Open Hearts Community Outreach program; his humble heart gives Loris residents a place to enjoy a good meal and good company.

American Hero is call in or take out only and has a drive-through window. Call ahead to place an order for breakfast sandwiches, croissants and subs  at 843-756-8418. Alex said they are deep cleaning the restaurant as normal with or without the virus.

The Grind, owned and operated by John and Kristen Sedak, will be open for drive-through only. John Sedak said, “We want to protect our employees and are closing our dining room and will use the drive-through for pick up or help by delivering the order to the customers car.” He said to check the menu on their Facebook page or call ahead to place an order at 843-756-1883.

Backyard Barbeque posted to their Facebook page, “Due to government mandated instructions from the spread of the coronavirus, we are forced to change our normal functionality to carry-out only.” Tammy, owner and operator, continued, “We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.” For further questions or to call in an order call 843-716-2277. They will post daily lunch specials on their Facebook page.

Check the Facebook pages for menu items, hours of operation and special news they share with the public. 

Ernie Ross posted on his Facebook page, “As a small business owner, this is hitting us very hard. Proposed assistance will be no help to the many small businesses that are already struggling to survive. We sure can’t afford to take on a loan when we’ll have no way to pay it back. A tax break? We’re looking at a loss for the first time in 18 years. We won’t be paying taxes as a result of the extensive losses, so what good is a tax break? Most small business owners are not eligible for unemployment or any assistance that will be available to others that are out of work. If you are not struggling, please support the local small businesses in your community. The big box stores don’t need your business, your neighbors do. Many offer online gift cards, it can be a lifeline for the many small businesses.”

Continue to support the smaller restaurants in Loris to keep them above water at this time of uncertainty. Each restaurant owner/manager requested that their advanced thanks for the continued support of their business.

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