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Santa visits children at Loris Library to read story

Santa visits children at Loris Library to read story

Santa Claus visited the Loris Library on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 10 a.m. to read a storybook to children visiting the library.

Children ages three and four from Grace Christian Academy and a few toddlers visited with Santa to listen to him read “Twas the Nigh Before Christmas”. Each child patiently listened to him go through the routine of reading and showing the pictures in the book. When Santa finished the story the children each took turns sitting on his lap giving him a list of toys they want for Christmas. Two little boys asked for dirt bikes, Santa asked, “Are you going to ask me to bring you a helmet to wear when you ride your dirtbike.” One response was yes I need one while the other said, “I’ll take my chances.” One little girl asked for make-up, another for a big stuffed animal though none of them asked for more than one or two toys. Santa said the children do not ask for much that they only ask for a couple of things that are meaningful to them.

Tracy Collins and Renae Strickland asked the Loris Santa, aka Johnny Lee, to visit the children at the library. The Horry County Library coordinates a Santa to visit children throughout the county at this time of the year. Lee portrays his dubbed title, “The Loris Santa” at no charge and is willing to help especially when it comes to giving to the children.

The children each received a Fidget Spinner and a stuffed toy from Santa before he had to scoot off to feed his reindeer and work with his charity Toys for Tots.  Lee said there are collection boxes for the program throughout Loris, and he has one set up at the Santa House on the corner of Main and Broad Streets.

Before leaving to return to school the children all thanked Santa for the gifts, snacks and visit.

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