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Santa Visits Children During Their Storytime

Left to right are Sonya Hodge, Wyatt Vitali, Reva Bundavalli, Olivia McGill, Josey Hodge, Serena Moore and Jenna Dean from Grace Christian School who visit with Santa at the Loris Library.

Santa Claus came all dressed in red with a boisterous ‘ho-ho-ho’ to visit children at the Loris Library on Wednesday, Dec.12. Parking his reindeer on the roof Santa climbed down to a see a line of children wanting to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.

As Santa sat in a chair by the tree and the box of toys for Toys for Tots, excited children climbed on his lap and whispered their list of toys they want under their tree Christmas morning. There was no naughty or nice list at this event, Santa was happy to see all of the children and give parents an opportunity to take pictures.

A group from Grace Christian School in Loris was escorted by Sonya Hodge on a field trip to see Santa. Hodge was accompanied by six children ages 3 to 6 years who all had exciting news for Santa, “We’ve been good all year long.” After pictures were snapped and a farewell said the next children in line approached Santa.

Emerson 2 and Jackson 6 weeks were placed on Santa’s lap. Sadly Emerson drew tears as she was not too sure about strangers. Their mom, Jennifer Saadat, tried to get a happy picture of the two with Santa, the wise man said, “Let’s try having you sit here in the chair with the children and I’ll kneel beside the chair out of sight, but still in the picture.”

With that said and done, Emerson stopped the tears and a happy picture was made. Addison and Britton Fulk asked Santa for art supplies and a Memorial Barbie.

After visiting with Santa the children were led to a separate room and sat with library assistant Tracy Collins, who read from a storybook about Christmas as they ate a snack. Collins then directed the children and their parents to make a beaded bracelet or a candy cane ornament to hang on their tree at home.

Lulu and Annalease called the candy cane ornaments “a shepherd’s staff”. Each child left the library with a Christmas sticker of a reindeer, Santa or a snowman on their hand or their clothing.

John Williams, an employee of the Horry County Public Library Systems, has helped Santa Claus the last four years by putting on the Santa suit and visiting with children listing their Christmas wishes. Williams said he enjoys seeing the children’s smiles and feel that they have spent time with the real Santa.

The libraries throughout Horry County send a request to have Santa visit. After Thanksgiving Williams drives throughout the county visiting with children until the week before Christmas. Making children happy is a blessing and thanks to Renee Strickland at the Loris Library for helping to make this happen.

Mark your calendars for special events held at the library each week. The library will be closed on Tuesday, Dec. 25, and Wednesday, Dec. 26, for Christmas. It opens again on Thursday, Dec. 27. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

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