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Senior Night honors the June 2020 graduates

The Loris Lions hosted the Aynor Blue Jackets who are second in the state on Friday, Oct. 25.  The Blue Jackets came out to win swarming the Lions as they tried to take the ball to the end zone.

In the first quarter the Blue Jackets scored with an 8-0 lead on the Lions.  In the second quarter the Blue Jackets scored again with a 16-0 lead.  During the third quarter both teams played hot-potato with the ball, with four fumbles with turn-overs in four plays.  Loris took the ball for a touchdown and two-point conversion with the score 16-8.

In the fourth quarter the Lions were up when quarterback Gage Conner #12 passed the ball to Chris Gilchrest #7 for a touchdown.  The Lions were in the lead 24 to 22, with a hopeful win in the forecast.  However, Aynor scored another 8 at the end of the quarter with a final score of 24-30.

Conner and Gilchrest seem to be in sync with one another to take the ball to the end zone.  Gilchrest was ready to receive the ball at the 10 yard line when interference in the pass was called.  Gilchrest, a junior, stats for the 2019 football season are 227 total receiving yards, average receiving yards 15.1, 15 catches, receiving yards per game 25.2, receiving touchdowns 5, and total touch downs 5.  And, Conner, a senior, stats for this year’s football season is 1,150 total passing yards, 11 passing touchdowns, passing yards per game 127.8, pass completions 79, pass attempts 174, interceptions 12.

The Lions will travel to Marion to take on the Giants on their turf. The game starts at 7:30 p.m.

The night was also Senior Night for the football players, cheerleaders, band and color guard that are scheduled to graduate in June 2020.

At 7 p.m. prior to the kick-off, the seniors and their parents, family member or one of the high school staff proudly presented their accomplishments in sports and academics to become a senior.

First on the field were the seniors on the varsity football team, the cheerleaders and then the band members were recognized.  The high school provided a little bag with flowers for the moms who escorted their senior on the field. Senior Night is held at the last home game of the season each year.  Although these seniors are recognized for their accomplishment it is a useful way to encourage the younger children to continue their education in hopes to be on the field with their parents and supporters when they reach their senior year.

Senior Night cheerleaders are excited to be recognized on Senior Night.

The only time more than two players join the officials is for a coin toss.  The seniors of the football team all line up awaiting the decision.

Senior Night band members marched together in recognition of their achievements for 12 years.

Senior Night football players line up on the sidelines awaiting the announcement of their name and the names of their parents or family member.

Senior football players walk onto the sidelines to be recognized.

LHS W/R Chris Gilchrest attempts to catch a pass from the quarterback when a Blue Jacket made a move which officials called interference.

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