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Landon, Jennifer and Nick Conner are proud to be named as the fifth popular rural diner out of nine in South Carolina. They are famously known for their hand-cut fries.

Shorty’s Grill placed its stamp on the map

Shorty’s Grill, owned and operated by Shorty, Betty, Nick, Jennifer Connor and family, has been named number five of the top nine rural restaurants to visit at the online website Only In Your State and can be read at www.onlyinyourstate.com/south-carolina/country-restaurants-sc/.

Shorty and Betty Conner opened the business 40 years ago this September and through the years Shorty’s has become a popular meeting place for early morning coffee and conversation, breakfast with eggs over easy, fried, scrambled or omelets with toast and grits. Southern style cooking for lunch and dinner includes fried chicken, ham-fried rice, chicken bog, spaghetti and meatloaf, served with vegetables.  There are burgers and hotdogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and more offered throughout the day.  However, the article states that Shorty’s is best known for their hand-cut fries.

Shorty’s is the place to go after a hard day at school. The kids gather to share a plate of homemade fries, mix and mingle.  Shorty’s is filled with the football crowds after the games on Friday nights. The players gather to hoot and holler over their win and when they don’t win they cheer them on for the next game night.

Homemade sounds much better than fast-food processed foods, and Shorty’s offers it all, fresh homemade foods. They have a pick-up widow and a delivery truck for quick orders for on the go customers.  It comes to local businesses and residents’ homes hot and ready to eat.

Being put on the map recently for the Loris Bog-Off chicken bog recipe and Shorty’s quoted on the website for their “hand-cut fires and delicious burgers piled high with toppings of your choice” Loris could be a popular stopping point as visitors pass through to go to the beach.

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