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Soccer in a box is a creative innovation

Soccer Club Management, LLC, a North Myrtle Beach based company, is a leading provider of soccer education and training programs.  It has released a new soccer based child enrichment program for 3-5 year olds.  It is called “Soccer in the Box” for preschool and child development centers.

Soccer in a Box is a unique turnkey program in the early childhood enrichment field. It helps prepare preschool children for kindergarten. The curriculum manual and lesson plans have been edited and endorsed by the Early Childhood Development Department of the Fairfax County School System, the nation’s 10th largest.

The unique curriculum and lesson plans follow early learning guidelines taught in the classroom including  gross and fine motor skill development, language, mathematics, science, literacy, social, physical and creative arts guidelines.

It allows preschool administrators to conduct their own soccer enrichment program without having to use expensive professional coaches and outside providers. The program contains all the elements necessary to implement an inexpensive and fun program for the children, including easy to use lesson plans, marketing and administrative program materials, balls, cones, discs, pinnies and t-shirts – All in a Box!

The preschool lesson plans introduce children to the basics of soccer through involvement in a series of fun-based games and activities. The program develops the child’s gross motor skills using running, skipping, hopping, kicking, throwing and dribbling. The lesson plans enhance a child’s soccer experience by using familiar animals playing soccer.

The creator of the patent pending idea is Ron Maierhofer, president of Soccer Club Management, LLC.  He is a former player for the USA National Soccer Team and an All-American player at Cornell University.  He has been using professional coaches since 2002, marketing to preschool and kindergarten age children. 

Said Maierhofer, “Together, all of the competitors in our industry only penetrate about 15 percent of the total preschool marketplace.  Soccer in a Box, patent pending, is a creative approach to providing a unique child enrichment program for all children ages 3-5 years.   The curriculum and lesson plans make it easy for a preschool to implement the program with its own staff.  Schools no longer have to rely on expensive professional coaches and can use the savings created by using the program to support its fundraising programs”.

The Soccer in a Box program is marketed by a brand of Soccer Club Management called KinderKickIt. The program and ordering information is described in detail at its website, KinderKickIt.com.

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