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The Loris police monitor the grounds of Loris High School on Thursday, Dec. 20, for added security after a countywide threat was made to the high schools on Snapchat. LPD Lt. Greg Lee and two other officers monitor Loris High School after the threat was made.

Threats Made to Five Horry County Schools

A social media post with threats of a ‘killing spree’ naming five Horry County high schools was brought to the attention of the district office who took immediate action following protocol. The district posted to their Facebook page and each individual school Facebook page that they were aware of the threat on Wednesday evening, Dec. 19.

The four named schools were Aynor, Carolina Forest, Conway, Green Sea Floyds and Loris. The Snapchat post by a person called “Kevin Gates” stated that the Ku Klux Klan would be going on a killing spree warning students, “so tell you’re people don’t go!!!!!!” on Thursday, Dec. 20, which was the last day of school before winter break began.

On Thursday, Loris Police Department Chief Buley, Officer Jimmy Jackson, two Horry County Police Officers, school security and a North Myrtle Beach officer with a bomb sniffing dog swept the school before school began. Nothing was found, however, for added security the LPD presence was obvious throughout the day with Lt. Lee monitoring the perimeter of the school and the grounds.

The threat has been reported to the police and is being investigated. Jimmy Richardson, 15th Circuit Court Solicitor, stated that the person will be facing jail time when they find them. Horry County is asking for anyone with information about the threat or its origin is asked to call 843-915-TIPS (8477) or email crimetips@horrycounty.org.

Facebook was abundantly posting from parents asking one another if they were planning to send their children to school on Thursday. Many stated they would rather be safe than sorry. Others said that being the day before Christmas break it is a hoax and with added police present at the schools the students and staff should be safe. One parent said that her child is on a truancy order. They felt rather than suffer the consequences of an unexcused absence they will send their child to school but will be praying for their safety. If a child stays home without an illness or a doctor’s note, the absence will be considered an unexcused absence.

Students return to school on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.

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