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Recognition of two talented students at Loris High School were presented with plaques and certificates of appreciation for their dedication and hard work in designing the new police patch now worn by the Loris Police Department. Dr. Maudie Davis, assistant principal; Joshua Cutright, assistant principal; Loris Police Department Chief Gary Buley; Marissa Smith, art teacher; Dakota Kielbon; Mayor Todd Harrelson; Cierra Bellamy and Richard Crumley, principal of Loris High School, were in attendance to share in the presentation.

Two high school students design new police patch

The Loris Police Department (LPD) is sporting a new patch on their uniforms that was designed by two students at Loris High School.

Chief Gary Buley presented plaques and a certificate of appreciation for the design for the police patch on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Dakota Kielbon, a junior, and Cierra Bellamy, a senior, were recognized for their design. Kielbon stated that she and Bellamy worked together as a team to design the patch, she said, “I suggested we use the water tower that is near the police department and the design of the state of South Carolina presented as a flag. Bellamy stated she has been involved in art for three years and mostly enjoys drawing landscapes and more reality. This was a challenge for both girls to present the project to the Loris Police Department.

Chief Buley stated that early last year they enlisted the help of Loris High School to redesign the patches the uniforms. He said, “This was an effort to bring the students and police together. He stated through the frustrating process many of the students had given up trying to design the patch. He said, “However we had two specific students who would not give up on this project. He introduced LHS art teacher, Marissa Smith, who encouraged Kielbon and Bellamy to keep going. He addressed the students saying, “I want to recognize these two students for their hard work and dedication in designing the Loris Police Department patch. The project took several months to complete and to approve. Many times the design was returned to the students for small details. The final approval was given by the former city administrator, Damon Kempski, at the end of the school year in May. Chief Buley said, “We were not able to recognize these students at the time the design had been through the process of design changes and administrative approval.”

The police patch designed by Dakota Kielbon and Cierra Bellamy was approved by the city administrator last spring. attendance to share in the presentation.

Kielbon and Bellamy were accompanied by their family as they received the award. Administrators from LHS also were present to observe the honor of being recognized for their design. Proud parents and family members engulfed the young ladies after the meeting. WPDE News 15 was present and interviewed the young ladies that aired on the 11 p.m. news on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

This is a proud moment for the students and the Loris Police Department to honor the fine arts that is taught at Loris High School.

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