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Photo by Annie Rigby Lucille Waine always welcomed everyone into her heart and her home.

Waine had plans for a big celebration

A long time Loris resident, Lucille Waine, known to many as Miss Lucille, had plans to celebrate her upcoming marriage to Dr. Bernerd Marsh on Thursday, Feb. 13. She was excited, giddy and happy to announce the cheerful occasion to her friends and family.

Waine has planned her wedding since the middle of December when she first announced on Facebook that she is marrying a man she met and fell in love with.  Friends and family were excited with her as she anxiously shopped for a bathing suit to wear on her honeymoon cruise.

Waine attended the regular city council meeting on Monday, Feb. 3, where she stood before council and attendees to announce she is getting married.  “The city of Loris has been like a family to me,” she said. “I come to the city council meetings and the prayer breakfasts, it’s as though everyone is a part of my family.”  She continued, “This may come as a surprise to many of you. I am getting married.” She paused as everyone applauded.  She said, “I’m marrying a younger man.” She paused, “His age is 86 and I’m 87.” Between laughter and applause with her comment, she smiled and invited everyone on council and city employees to attend her wedding. She said, “And anyone who may be interested, I would appreciate you coming.” She continued, “Come right after work because it will be at 6 o’clock.” The plan was to return from the honeymoon cruise and pack up a truck to move to Maryland for a happily ever after marriage to a man and a woman who fell in love.

Lucille Waine wanted Ernie Ross to win the Loris Chamber of Commerce  Robert Brooks Entrepeanure Award providing information how Ernie’s Diner has operated since Ross opened his doors. Ross said, “Miss Lucille paid my membership to the chamber, she really wanted me to win the award.”

On Friday, Feb. 7, Waine and her cousin, Lou King, were traveling to the Charlotte, N.C., airport to pick up her daughter when the accident occurred. Waine was driving her vehicle when she came upon a truck that had lost control and stopped in the middle of the road.  Waine’s cousin King said, “The truck came out of nowhere and we did not have time to stop.” Miss Lucille was pronounced dead at the scene and King was transported to Columbia.

With great sadness the announcement of her sudden death weaved its way through Facebook and through Facebook Messenger to friends of Waine.  The announcement was not published in a Facebook post because her family had not been notified of her death. 

The reason Waine was traveling to Charlotte was her love for her daughter, Brenda Waine Carothers. She did not want her daughter to spend the night at the airport without the comfortable provisions for sleeping.  Carothers said, “My mom was concerned about me being uncomfortable, she loved me so much she wanted to make sure I had a nice bed to sleep in.”  Carothers also suggested renting a vehicle and traveling to Loris, but Miss Lucille said it was too late, she already was traveling to the Charlotte airport.

Carothers was not aware of her mother’s passing until the police department called her cell phone and informed her that her mother was involved in a car accident and did not make it.  As she stood at the Charlotte airport in shock, she was in disbelief that she could be talking to her mother one minute and never have a conversation with her again.

Carothers said, “It is special to see how people loved and treated my mom, her church family and her friends throughout this city are genuine when they speak of loving my mom.”  She knew her mother was special, however, listening to others talk about the wonderful things Waine did for others, giving her time and her heart to people in need it was not all about having a special mom, but a special person to many.  Waine and David Cox were good friends. After the fire destroyed the furniture store where she had antiques and items on consignment; she took care of Cox’s mother, Miss Fannie, until she passed away.

Todd Harrelson said, “Miss Lucille is a sweet lady, she was as happy as she can be when she left from here.”  He stated that she is happy in Heaven and he loved her a lot.  “She came to council meetings on a regular basis and ribbon cuttings for new businesses” said Harrelson.  He stated that she would personally call him when she noticed things around town, whether it was something good or someone up to no good.  He first met her at Carolina Furniture where they chatted. He said, “We were friends ever since.” He along with many others remember what a remarkable lady Miss Lucille was.  She never met a stranger and loved welcoming hugs and the feeling of friendship with many  in Loris. 

Here she was planning her wedding, a day of celebration to be spent with family and friends.  Instead friends and family celebrated a life of a lady who spent her lifetime serving others, giving her heart to so many with a smile and a simple hello, which was all it took to know Miss Lucille. “Once she said hello to a stranger, they ended up being lifelong friends.” said her daughter Carothers.

Imagine this sweet tiny lady with gentleness in her voice being a flower child in the 60’s.  She told Harrelson that she lived her life all the way around the block and when all was said and done she landed right here in Loris.

Ernie Ross, owner of Ernie’s Diner, said, “Miss Lucille never met a stranger, she was like a mom to me and to anyone else who needed one.” He and his family were invited to Waine’s home for holiday dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas and felt that was a true blessing for him. She and Ernie spent many hours talking about music; one song came to his mind. When he said the title of the song, “Wildwood Weed” Miss Lucille would respond, “Sitting on that sack of seed”.  “She was as happy as she could be when she passed,” said Ross, “I was surprised that she would die in an accident as she did, just like that after her announcement of her marriage, it really hit home.”  He said, “We are all blessed to have had the opportunity to see her, spend time with her and to know that her love was genuine and came from the heart.” Both Harrelson and Ross said that they were proud to have known Miss Lucille for the many years, loving her and feel they are better people for knowing her; she would brighten their days and make them smile, as she did with many others. “She was a fixture of Loris and she gets to spend eternity with the Lord and everyone else she loves,” says Harrelson.

Joyce Graham said, “Lucille was a unique person. I met her while she had her little shop at the consignment store.”  Graham continued, “She always marveled me with her energy and desire to ‘continue’.” She stated that Waine had a great life and had many people who loved her.  She said, “I call that a successful life.”

Lucille Waine loved pretty flowers and the springtime.  She was planning a celebration with family and friends to share her wedding day. Instead her family and friends gathered to celebrate her life after her death on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.

Although the wedding was not the celebration anticipated, a celebration of life for a lady who touched so many lives with her infectious smile, loving heart and genuine concern for others was noted in a church where it came to standing room only to say a final farewell to a wonderful lady.

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